Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Organic All The Way!

There is a new world-wide movement towards Organic Food. Some think it's a phase, some think it's the new revolution. Well, after my studies, my conclusion is... Organic is the only way to live!

I'm sure everyone has read all the news about China putting lots of 'things' that are not supposed to be in products, especially food products that are putting people in comas, getting them sick and so on. Some would argue that with the pollution that is all around us, in the soil that our food is grown in, in the air that we breath everyday and in the water that we drink, bath and cook, we are condemned. Yes it is very hard to avoid toxins entering our body. And when toxins build up in our body, they cause conditions like migraines, constipation, indigestion, fatigue, to even more serious diseases like Alzheimer's or even Cancer! Why do you think there are so many people with cancer in today's society? Certainly, environmental factors must be a reason, if not a cause. So the fewer toxins we put into our bodies, the better. Our bodies can handle and cleanse a certain amount, but when we overload ourselves, we breakdown.

So I'm all for organic products! I am definitely not one to put chemicals on my skin, do we really know what is used in these skin care products?? What sort of chemicals? So yes, I'm all for organic skin care too. Don't forget organic health products and organic vitamins. So... I am sold on Organic for the rest of my life!

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Simple American said...

I try to go organic too. Be glad when they open the Whole Foods store in my town. Make it so much easier. :)

aida said...

i read an article once that organic dont mean no pesticides but just in smaller amount, how small, i dont know so if say a fruit has 10 toxin, if another fruit has 8 kind of toxin, i wonder if manufacturer stamp the organic seal on it?

Chiwi said...

SA : It will help you lose more weight too! hehehehe

Aida : That's why I can't wait til I move back to NZ and go to the growers themselves to get foods. But still it won't be 100% pollution free, but better than those that are full of chemical and growth hormones.