Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wow.. was it all a dream ??

My goodness.. 10 days has been and gone! My parents in law are now back in NZ, and we are back at work. Wow... It's been a fabulous 10 days with them. The kids got to know them better, and so did I.

Was hoping to post some pictures up, but can't. I've just got myself a new xD card, 1G, my old one was only a 512, so.. now, I can't slot the card into my old card-reader. Looks like have to get a new card-reader b4 I can load up some pictures of our trip to Malacca.. It's such an amazing place! A little boring for the kids thou.. but they enjoyed the tri-shaw rides.

I've learned quite a bit about taking pictures and lighting from 'Dad' this trip. And they brought us 'The Secret'... :)

Oh I've PASSed my Nutritional Therapy Diploma!!!! Now on to Kinesiology.. So I better do some studying now that my holiday is over! :)


Simple American said...

So glad to hear that all went well on your trip. 'Dad' opened you up to the light? Please blog on those tips if you can. Please!!! :P

Secret. What is the secret? Oh wait. If you tell me then it is not one. Haiz...

*shifts constantly in chair thinking*

*harder thinking*

*more harder thinking*

(Today you have learned how to drive a sampat Texan crazy. LOL)

MOnkeyWOng said...

Secret, wat secret? Sien lah, tell us moh!! :P
Congrads on getting ur Nutritional Therapy Diploma, flying color ler! :P

Sue said...

Congrats on u passing your Diploma!! Anyway, what 'secret'..any tips??!!

Chiwi said...

I will share the secret soon! :) Only if you really want it! :p

Simple American said...

I really want it. :)