Friday, June 24, 2005


RM 329 for a "Man-Skirt"????
ok.. ok..
It's Only GBP40 for a Kilt!

We wanna get a kilt for Jacob for Jin's Wedding, for Jacob to be Matt's bestman, since Matt's brother can't make it. Maybe I should just lend Jacob one of my skirts? When is he going to be wearing a kilt again? ok.. maybe he can use it again at Hamish's wedding, but is Hamish going to have a kilt wedding??
Don't forget the courier charges!! RM140 just for them to send it here! which is only GBP20!! Blah!!!!~~~

I don't know if I wanna be Ringgit Rich or Pound Poor!! At the moment Pound Poor sounds pretty good! 7:1

What about me ? When am I going to spend 300++ on a skirt??!

Poor Chiwigirl is having a flu again! Hope she doesn't pass it on to ChiwiBoy!

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