Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I will try and blog everyday since I spend so much time on the net anyway, saying that, Jacob and I just got a few new PC games today, so.... We shall see... heheheh

Let's see.. I've just put Caleb down to sleep, that boy, he has definitely found;
1, His voice , He is just been projecting his voice for attention and someone to hold him! Really Loudly too!
2, His legs to move around on his walker, we have been putting him in his walker, but he hasn't been able to more around until today.

5 more days till Jin and Matt gets back to Malaysia! Can't wait... but not as if they will have much time for us anyway, with all their wedding plans and entertaining the in-laws! hehehe it's going to be fun!!!

I am still learning how to use this blog, so bear with me... :)

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