Monday, June 27, 2005

Have you Smelt the Haze lately?!?!?

Gosh.. WHAT is this going to do to our health?! The health of our next generation, and the generation after that? If our children doesn't get lung cancer b4 they start a family!

Is there nothing the govt can do to help?!?! Is the govt not formed to proctect its ppl?? Isn't it illegal to burn stuff out in the open ? if it is, why do i still see ppl doing it? Can the Govt not educate their ppl?? Can they not run a campaigne to stop all the smoking cars ??? I know it's Indonesia that's creating most of the haze that we are getting today, but M'sian are suffering from it! Can't the M'sia govt do something?!?!

Everyone knows someone that has lung cancer!

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