Thursday, June 23, 2005

Phew~~ It's been one of those days...

Yesterday it was one of those, when everything goes wrong, where you just had to Stop everything and restart.

And Today.... Well.... We had to get;

  1. Jacob and Kaitlyn's Visitor Pass Re-newed, lots of running around getting things ready.
  2. Get Bank Cheques for the Immigration.
  3. Get the penthouse windows measured for curtains, fingers crossed that it will be ready before Jin's wedding so that we can spend the night there b4 the wedding.

Well.. It's all done now! Heheheh That's why I'm here on my dad's laptop, mum and dad has gone to P.Pinang today for a shopping trip and a seminar tomorrow morning, and Jacob has got his new game on the other computer, so I'm stuck with this little laptop. But.. it's better then nothing for this puter-olic.

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