Sunday, September 11, 2005

Another Lazy Sunday!

Sigh... Another Sunday's Gone! My brother and his girlfriend are on the plane as I type this now, coming back to Malaysia. Mum said that they love it back in NZ, and will move back to NZ one day, hehehe.. Thought so.. Well.. Ant's got to finish his studies b4 he moves back there, so guess we will be seeing them back in NZ in 3-5 years time! :)
Well.. as for us, Jacob is planning to go back May next year, finish his training and all within 6 months and start working, but being an flight instructor would only bring in around 10,000-ish a year! er... How are we going to survive on that? We have calculated that we need about 54,000 a year, and that is not living comfortably. THAT is just surviving, with fingers crossed that nothing happens so there will not be any extra expenses! Hm.. which is very unlikely, so we need more that 54,000 basically! That also means that no #3, which both of us want.

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