Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Kaitlyn's first intro to Ballet

My Little Miss Pebble went to her first introductory class to Ballet this evening.. My little girl is growing up!!!

This is what happened...
Teacher: Now girls.... let us all pretend to be butterflies.. so flap your wings and fly like a butterfly...

(Kelly, my cousin's daughter, and Kaitlyn standing in the middle while everyone else is flying like butterflies, round and round the room)

Teacher: (to Kelly and Kaitlyn) Don't you girls wanna fly like butterflies??


Teacher: Ok... you girls don't want to be butterflies, well then.. (turning to Kelly) what would you like to be?

Kelly: Worm

LOL!! KIDS!! But eventually they did warm up and joined in!

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AvaAmber said...

I'm sure Pretty Kaitlyn loves going to the ballet class.