Wednesday, September 28, 2005

No Hidden Charges!! ?????

I was at TM this morning trying to change our TM plan over to the new Merdeka Plan(for those that has a phone I'm sure would have received the "Merdaka Promosi", well was thinking about it until...

Girl over the counter : Boleh Saya tolong? (Can I help?)

Me : (showing her the agreement that I had to sign)I am thinking of changing our current plan to this,... I forgot to bring the other piece of paper stating what other things come free with this package 198... (Already kicking myself for not bring it..)

GOTC : Jadi... Semua Package-package lain...

Me: This is one of the brochure type piece of nice glossy paper, with "Merdeka plan 198" on it, so how can it be different for different ppl??? How many Merdeka Plan 198 do you have?

GOTC (walks into the office behind her, came out one min later, sits in-front of her computer, typing the a/c number in) : Ok.. You sudah ada call waiting, dan call forwarding...

Me : I know I've got call waiting, no one told us we have got call forwarding?!

GOTC : Sini(here)show you ada Call Forwarding....

Me : So we have been paying for call forwarding not used it?! Ok, anyway, what else comes with the Package 198?

GOTC (walks into the office again, one min later.. as she was walking out from the office) : oh.. 200 free SMS, and CLIP (Caller ID) but you have to buy the machines for them..

Me : ok.. So can I change the SMS and CLIP to have just the Call Waiting and Call Forwarding?

GOTC : No, Call waiting tak ada dalam Plan 198?

Me : yeah I know it's not in the plan... Ok, so how much is call waiting a month?

GOTC : 1.50 a month... So you nak the plan tak?

Me : ok lah...

GOTC : Ok, you tahu, untuk itemized billing kita charge RM4 per month ya?

Me : I thought it states here(pointing to the agreement) NO Monthly Rental! NO HIDDEN CHARGES!! NO HIDDEN CHARGES?!?!

GOTC : Tapi ini bukan hidden charge! Ini Plan give you 900 National Call, 1200 Local call, and 200 SMS for 198/mth. So if you use more than that you nak tahu mana you call kan? so itemized billing is RM4 per month.

You can tell what I did next! Well I guess you can say that it's not a hidden cost, she has already told me that they are going to bill me!! BAH!!

The whole of Malaysia is monopolized by one provider, they can bloody charge whatever they want!! Supporting a fat bastard and his waives and mistress!! BAH!!

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Anonymous said...

Chiwi's husband here; there was a sign RIGHT BEHIND this girl saying 'BE PRO-ACTIVE!'... irony lost on no-one. Bumi's and their companies wouldn't last a day in the real world. That's why you only find Bumi's in Malaysia... They don't get it.