Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I asked for it!

Thanks for all the Congratulations, ladies and guy! :p

Yup.. I asked for it! And I got it! On the way to work yesterday, I had to make a stop at the drain b4 I got into the car, and Maddog had to make another stop by the side of the road half way to work. Maddog says that in a sadistic way I'm happy. Well yes... who in the right mind would wish to have a hangover that doesn't go away for at least 4 months, some even the whole 8 1/2 months, like my mum.

And yup.. I have got myself to the doctors!And ... it was still too early to detect a heartbeat! 2 more weeks of waiting and anxiety. The doctor says that it looks good and is the size that it is suppose to be in, and assured me that everything should be alright!

BUT I didn't throw up this morning!!! I don't know to be Thankful or Worried??!! Sigh.. Pregnant woman!! Hormones!! I guess having a bad cold doesn't help either! :p

update: See.. nappy brains already! Just got a 'Baaa..' from Aida, re the difference between the ms for the boy and the girl. It just reminded me about what else I was suppose to put on this post! hehehe Thank Aida~ ;p

So.. with Kaitlyn, my MS was from the time I wake up to when I have a proper breakfast, and the rest of the day is pretty smooth sailing, 'cept of I can't have anything with garlic, onion or oil! Which basically means EVERYTHING! hahaha And with BamBam, it was from 11 am onwards! So basically, I'm fine til I eat something, and it's all down hill from there! Whatever goes down, came up! :p So I have a feeling that this might be another Missy! hehehe We shall see!


aida said...

urrggh, morning sickness is probably the worst part of pregnancy. you have 2, one of each, you are lucky to be able to gauge how bad or good the m/s can be this time! with avarayna, m/s end liao at 12 weeks but with the little man, only stop at 21 weeks and it was torture!!!

Ms eNVy said...

Hate ms with passion! my first one had ms and migraine throughout the whole pregnancy .. she made my life unbearable .. second one no ms nor migraine but I ate non-stop! doc told me to stop eating so much! no wonder he was 9lbs 8oz hehehe .. my little girl .. no ms and migraine .. it was a breeze .. didn't know if I was having boy/girl .. but son predicted girl and he was right! anyways .. hope you'll feel better soon .. how soon I don't know hehehe

pinkelle said...

Congratulations Chiwimum! :) Yet another gorgeous Chiwi to add to your growing brood!

Hope your pregnancy goes well.

Simple American said...

My missus never had any sickness with either kiddo. She is so lucky in that regards. Mostly she has the back ache.

Bee Ean said...

Hey congrats! I hope I will never have to suffer the morning sickness. :-)

Simple American said...

I completed my home work. :)

Sue said...

I hate MS! I couldn't travel at all. Going in the car makes me sick and I was sick from the 4th month till the end of the pregnancy..bad..haha...Good Luck with yours!

Chiwi said...

Aida : So far it's pointing to a girl! hehehe

Ms eNVy : Hubby has to keep reminding me that it's all worth it in the end! I sure hope so!! lol

Pinkelle : Thanks.. Wonder who this one would look like! :)

SA : She is one lucky girl and so are you, to not have to go thru it! hehehe

Bee Ean : I hope so too for your sake! But I look forward to the day when my daughter has MS, then I can laugh at her for what she put me thru carrying her! Muahahaha

Sue : Poor you, mine was bad til the 5th month, then it's alright liao lo! :)