Friday, September 14, 2007

Round 3!

Well.. We did a test yesterday and it turns out positive, so it looks like we are going for a 'Round 3'!! Was actually planning for 080808, but thought it was a little too soon, so was going for 090909 instead. But looks like we are going to have to settle for 080508.

Maddog was in shock the whole day yesterday, but he is slowly warming up to the thought of having 3 kids. #1, wants a little girl to be her toy, and as for #2, he doesn't know any difference at the moment. So... MY gosh.. #3!! I was kinda panicking yesterday, thinking about things like, I've only got two legs, one for each child at the moment, where is the other going to be sitting? And my 2 kids are already fighting over which side to sleep next to me on, WHERE is the 3rd one going to be sleeping??

My 4 posted bed will have to wait a little while longer again as we can't afford that and a new baby!!

I was just getting use to my new found freedom, now back to 3 years of mothering!

Blah~ Blah~ Blah~ Tell me it's just my hormones talking?? I have been wanting another kid! 4 more even!! hahaha


aida said...


Cat Cat said...

Congrats Chiwi... Soon you will have a cute baby to play with. I missed little baby already.

KJMiller said...

Congratulations!! I had those panic thoughts when I learned that I was pregnant with #3. When the baby arrived, everything just fall into place.... including the stress... haha..

All the best and I hope you'll have an easy pregnancy throughout!

Ms eNVy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! having three is not too bad (am talking from experience here hehehe) but you are right .. some things you want would have to wait :) am still waiting for a new living room furniture here!

Chiwi said...

Aida : Thanks babe! hope all is well with you.. should be looking forward to the birth of #2 by now aye?

Cat Cat : Hehehe.. maybe you should look into having another one then, huh?

kjmiller : Thanks!! I sure it's just the hormones talking right?? :) How are you guys settling over there?

Ms envy : :p Looks like a pretty long wait!! It does get easier right?? :)

MonkeyWong said...

Oh dear, that's good news indeed, congrads! :P *RUN FAST FAST GO N TELL DONKEY*

Simple American said...

Congratulations to you and mad dog.

Wish you a pleasant pregnancy. :)

Sue said...

Congrats to both of you..sorry so late i dropped in..haha..have been busy..wah I can't wait for me to get no. 2..but I also dread it least u have help..congrats again!!

yvy said...

OMG!!! good news!!! congratulations dear!!! see la, i so slow...but now i know. :D so happy for u hoping for girl or boy? looks like aida got kawan la... :)