Sunday, July 03, 2005

All is Well!

Well... Jin's Wedding is over now, it was beautiful and of coz she was too... It was held at Marina Cove and dinner was at Lido Hall. And now it's back to work, work and work, for me! Both pairs of Mr and Mrs Hayhurst will be leaving Sitiawan on either Monday or Tuesday... :( But we have been invited to Scotland to see them! Yay! That is when we can afford it! heheheh
This morning we introduced Chiwiboy to a little keyboard, and he actually didn't put it in his mouth! Normally he has to taste everything, and I mean everything! But not this little keyboard, and he had both of his little hands on the keyboard, playing like a little pro! So... maybe??... We shall see..
Chiwigirl is getting better with her use of English now, but as for her Chinese, it's still hopeless!!! sigh... I'll give her one more year.... fingers crossed!
As for my DH, well.. 5 weeks of no drinking ended last nite for Jin's wedding, hehehehe, so he has to start counting again! He is allowed to drink on Special Occasions! He is alot better with his drinking and all, and I must say I am proud of him, but sssssccchhhhh don't tell him that! Got to keep him on his toes!

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