Friday, July 29, 2005

KL here we come!

Yay yay, so we will be going to Kl this weekend!!!
Initial Plan was to go to Melaka for 2 days then to KL, but, well.... Jacob's parents are coming next year, (uh-huh, we've heard that before; first it was Feb 2005, for Caleb's birth and CNY, didn't becoz they were purchasing a land to build, it was a great buy! So Ok la, excused!; Then there was June 2005, but we were in NZ the month b4, and Terry got a new job, so there goes that idea!; So Now.. it's Jan 2006, for CNY, Ba's 50th, and Caleb's 1st! And so we shall see!!!) And, And, Amy Might be coming then too!!!! Any-how,... the point that I'm trying to get to is that... We will go then when everyone, that says that they are coming, finally gets here.
Should be meeting up with Tashie too in KL.

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