Saturday, July 23, 2005

To Go Or Not To Go??

Well... Jacob wants to go back Beginning of next year, but I can't, I've got Dad's 50th, and Caleb's 1st. So.. hm.. Jacob says that he will go back by himself, coz he wants to catch the flying season. I don't mind him going back there, if he is serious about doing it! But if he is going to be "flaffing" around like he normally does (gosh, the confidence I've got in my DH! Shocking!!!) He will be just wasting time and money, AGAIN! So... To Go OR Not To Go!
I'm 50-50 at the mo with this, I wanna go back and support my DH in what he wants to do, but I'm apprehensive about what he will do. Plus I don't wanna leave my easy, stress-less life here to go back to not knowing where we are going to find the money to pay the next bill! Or even Rent!


gRaCeY said...

I would really miss you if you go back..Noone to talk to me the whole time when I come over to the shop. And no more curry cooking sessions! We still have not started on Shepherd's Pie! :P But I guess if you go back then I can come bunk at your place when I'm there! Fingers crossed!

Chiwi said...

hehehe.. yeah la, keep that finger crossed 24 x 7!! We will have to try Shepherd's pie when you get back next!