Friday, July 22, 2005

Moving back to NZ?

We have been talking about it lately, well Jacob has anyway. He is having withdrawals from flying, so... hm... he wants to move back next year! (yeah right!) We went to visit a Flying club(klub) as they spell it, in Ipoh, and MY GOSH, it cost RM450 for an hour of flying!!!! But there was a aviation school next to the flying club, we spoke to the CGI(Chief Ground Instructor) and hopefully we would be able to exchange some flying hours by teaching their English courses. Fingers crossed.

So since we were in Ipoh, I took the opportunity to go S.h.o.p.p.i.n.g.... Jaya Jusco!!!! hehehehe. I've not bought anything for myself for like donkeys!!!!! Those mothers out there would agree, and those of you that are not mothers yet, you will understand one day when you have kids of your own!! Even my mother was complaining just the other day, she was suppose to go shopping for herself but ended up spending all the money on my kids!! hehehe

I got Kaitlyn and Caleb both a Floating device for our weekly swim at the apartments. And got Kaitlyn some Chinese children songs, hoping that she will be able to pick up some Chinese!

We received a Robert Rabbit pulley for Caleb yesterday from the Camerons! It's so cute, Kaitlyn says that it's hers! Everything is Kaitlyn's!
And Today we receive Jacob's birthday present from his parents!

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