Wednesday, July 27, 2005

It's a Blah Day!

When we got to the shop this morning, there was a dead bird outside the shop next to us. It just fall to it's death, literally, just fall from the sky. Could it have flew into the wall? Could it be the haze that is around, AGAIN! OR could it be "Bird Flu" ??
Well it seems like we will be going back at some stage next year, after Ant's wedding, when ever that is, mum is hoping middle next year, when "their house" is ready. Plus we need until that time for us to just pay enough to the bank, for us to sell the car. And save some money to go back with.
We have a gathering this sunday,with all the mothers that I've been chatting to on BabyCenter.And I've been looking forward it for a while now. This will be their 3rd gathering and it will only be my first.
This is to be our last holiday for a while, since Ba, Ma, Ant and Jocyee will be going to NZ on the 18th Aug, (Ant and JoC will be coming back on 9-11) but Ba and Ma will only be back 20Th Oct. So We pretty much have to be working 24x7 till then. So I was hoping for a really nice holiday b4 that. Jacob just had to go and destroy it! He says that we don't have money to go! :( I know we don't but, but! Sigh....

Yay, Jacob just called to say that we can go now! But I don't know if I wanna go now.
1. We really don't have the money to.
2. I've just got my period, after 18 months of not getting one, it feels kind of weird!
So.. Sigh.. to go or not to go? AGAIN!


Jinxy's Slave said...

Where are you off to for hols, how long for!

Oh I SOOO hope we'll BOTH (or the six of us if we have to talk family) be able to be in kiwiland, IF DCE will take me!

Love you long time, like you say :)

gRaCeY said...

So you coming out to KL this weekend? Wah, are they getting married for real? Thought it was supposed to be 5 years down the road or something..

Chiwi said...

Jin, My Fingers are crossed for you, hell my legs are crossed for you too! heheheh
Gracey, yup yup, coming this weekend. Re: the wedding, don't know la... don't care la