Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I've just watched the trailer of "Bug". It definitely looks really interesting.

I like the poster on the left a little more, it has Ashley Judd in the middle of the bug looking, blood looking thing! But then the right poster has got the image of Micheal Shannon/Harry Connick Jr in her face.. so does that mean that 'he' has something to do with the whole
"Bug" thing?

It is also directed by the directors of "Exorcist". My eyes and ears were closed for most part of that movie, so this new bug movie can't be too bad! Maybe... just maybe, I would be able to keep my eyes open for the whole movie! It's only a little small "Bug", RIGHT???

I for one definitely don't like bugs or any other insect, or movies that has 'it' in them, I find them really fake and unrealistic. But this bug movie, well, from what I can see from the trailer, is a little more realistic. They are actual small bugs that live all around us, in our blood stream, and they feed on our brain! And I heard they are looking for a Queen!

Coming to a brain near you!

Ok.. I'm paraniod now! I've just read a thread in their forum, there are really such a bug!!!

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