Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dumb Blonde!

It's the 3rd day into the school holiday, right before the school holiday, ( and since my parents are back from NZ) I thought it would be a great idea to take the kids to Malacca, so once again, I brought up the sites to Malacca, things I wanna do, see and fun that the kids can have. I, again showed it to Maddog, and his reply was "Malacca, AGAIN?"

Yes, bl**dy again! I have been wanting, and waiting to go to Malacca for the past 4 years!! and have yet to been once!!! So of coz AGAIN!!!!!

The kids and I have been stuck at the shop almost 24x7 for the past months! I want to take the kids out to have some fun, things that they can't experience here in the shop or little old Sitiawan. BUT Maddog wants to go to KL, to see friends. OK, fine, KL for the million-th time! So I suggested we stay at Berjaya Time Sq, where there is a huge mall for mummy, a indoor theme park; 3D cinema; swimming pool for the kids; and Maddog still can meet up with his friends. No... Maddog went and booked a hotel by The Curve! becoz IKEA is there. (THERE IS NOTHING THERE FOR THE KIDS!!!!!) He can't seem to get it in his head!!! ARGH!!!!!


Mimi Lenox said...

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aida said...

awwww, at least 1 utama is there though a bit far. have fun!

David Bong said...

lol... guys will always think about their interest first, then the children. If they are more compassionate, then they will think of the children's interest more.