Saturday, May 12, 2007

PPP Love..

Look what I've found this morning! :)

Opportunity Description:

We are looking for loyal Posties to talk about what you love best about PayPerPost. We want to know how long you have been signed up for, how much money you have made and what you are going to do with it. Have you made any new friends? What have you learned? Spread the love!
And guess how much they are offering for this opportunity?? USD 10 that's like RM35 !! Just to tell ppl why I love about ! For those of you that still doesn't know what is PPP, well, let me tell you.. it's this fabulous site, set up by these fabulous guys and gals, paying ppl to write a post on opportunities that they have searched, and begged with blood and sweat from advertisers, so that we, bloggers can have $$$ in our pocket! Yes it's "Blog Advertising" but I have nothing against $$$ ! Everyone needs it, everyone would love to have more! So why not?

I posted my 1st post on 28th March 07, all in I've made 7 posts and I've made round about USD42, which might not be much for a lot of ppl, but it's around RM130. Just for doing what I do anyway. This money is going through wards putting a deposit down for a house in NZ when we get back there. Hey, least it's something! :) So back to the question " What do I love about PayPerPost?" Well... what's not to love about it?!?!?!!?

For those of you that have not signed up for it.. What are you waiting for? What do you have against $$$??

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yvy said...

syiok isnt it???? :) see the money coming in like that. :)