Thursday, May 24, 2007

Power of the Mind.

Our subconcious mind is a very powerful thing.. and for ppl that are lazy to read and I am definitely guilty of that, therefore, I think this subliminal CDs thing is the best thing that have happened so far! :) has got more than 120 different CDs. From 'weight loss' to 'Extinguish your Fear of the Dark' to 'Write a GREAT Novel NOW' (good one for you SA, not that you need it anyway :p). Hm.. they've got 'Improve Your Dancing Skills' maybe I should get that for Maddog.. or even this (hehehehe not as if his woman is not wild enough! no, not int hat way that you are thinking 'hor ny ang moh'. ) and this (Become Romantic), and this. Tash, here is one for you, 'Conquer Your Fear of Commitment'. There is somthing in there for everyone and any one!!

As for me.. I'm waiting for them to come out with 'Have HUGE, firm breast, today!'hehehe but then I might get this, and this, and this. Or maybe even this, and this, and this. heheheh Ok I need that credit card of mine!

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